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Pugent Sound Cricket Club (PSCC) Home Page

Our Core Values:


We aim to provide an unparalleled service to the local community and giving them strong awareness regarding fitness and sports. We also encourage clear access to quality facilities so that every player can actively participate and reach the level of their potential in a sound environment. By ensuring a vibrant and financially sound cricket club, PSCC thrive on to be successful on and off the field.

We aim to promote fair play combined with sportsmanship so that the players can prove their mental strength and physical fitness in an outstanding environment and can understand the core life values through cricket.

Selection is always done under the umbrella of highly qualified and professionally sound coaches purely based on the potential and performance of young talent. We aim to provide best opportunities to local talent irrespective of their race, religious belief, and sexual orientation. We aim to develop and strengthen a firm structure and passageway for the cricketers so that they are encouraged to participate in and follow cricket.

Our Mission:

Mission of Puget Sound Cricket Club (PSCC) is to establish and nourish the cricket at all levels. We plan to achieve this by targeting more talent, more fans, and more achievements and by becoming a member of USACA to feed future US Cricket team. As part of our vision to become the best club in the region, we plan to regularly participate and compete in the local American Recreation Cricket League (ARCL) and in the Northwest Cricket League (NWCL) to reach those heights that have never been reached before in the field of cricket. To stay ahead of the competition, we wish to refine our selection criteria. This will give an opportunity to the real talent, giving them a chance to fulfil their true potential.Even though we will start initially with participating in local adult leagues are main goal is to be pioneers of introducing youth cricket in the region and to eventually start a competitive youth cricket league.

Our Vision:

Outreach to the local talent and fostering their cricket development to achieve the highest competitive standard of cricket in US and to encourage young talent by giving them opportunities, environment and facilities to support the game of cricket at all levels.